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Electrical injuries of almost any sort in Orlando, FL are very complex in nature and require a heightened level of expertise. If you've been a victim to such an injury, you need legal help.

Electricity is one of the most dangerous elements on the planet and with that level of danger comes great responsibility on the part of electrical companies, construction companies and other businesses that work closely with electric hazards in Orlando, FL to create a safe environment for anybody that is going to be near those hazards.

Unfortunately, the failure to create such a safe environment can help lead to very serious (even fatal) accidents for innocent people. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you need to speak with lawyer as soon as possible.

The J. Reyna Law Firm understands the dynamics at play in electrical accidents whether they take place on a construction site, a commercial location or in your own home. Even if you're not sure who's liable for your family's accident, the J. Reyna Law Firm will perform the due diligence neccessary to uncover what went wrong, why it went wrong and how it could have been prevented.

This critical information will help you understand who's responsible for the accident and then make informed decisions about what next steps to take to seek justice for your Family.

We all love our families dearly and because of that the worst decision you could make on your family's behalf after a serious electrical accident in Orlando, FL would be to not take action - to merely dismiss the injury or even death as a random freak event while you pick up the pieces of your life that have been shattered.

This website was created to prevent families like yours from making such a tragic decision to compound an already tragic event. Let our law firm help you understand what happened to your loved one and why and to determine the best course of action to seek justice on their behalf.

  • 1000

    Number of people killed due to electrocution each year in USA

  • 13

    Number of days away from work injuries that electrical incidents cause

  • 52%

    Occupational electrical fatalities occurring in the construction industry

  • 2,700

    In 2007, more than 2,700 workers were affected due to electrical accidents

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The tragedy resulting from a severe electrical injury can resonate with victims for decades to come. Those victims include not only the individual who suffered in such an accident, but the loved ones whose lives are permanently changed as a result.

Why do you need legal representation for electrical injuries?

A severe electrical injury attorney in Orlando, FL has experience in dealing with these issues and knows exactly what constitutes electrical injury, its causes, and how to make sure that the victim(s) and their loved ones receive justice.

While an estimated 20% of electrical injuries happen to children, the vast majority are related to workplace accidents. For the most severe forms of this injury, individuals suffer third degree burns and have nerves destroyed in the process.

The quality of life is something that a in Orlando, FL severe electrical injury attorney takes into account when preparing litigation against those responsible for laying the groundwork for this tragedy.

n attorney specializing in electrical injury is fully aware of the massive costs that a hospital stay can put on a person and their family. In addition, there’s the cost of treatment, likely for years to come, and the inability to earn an income. Finally, there’s the incalculable cost of scarring, disfigurement or possible disability that will be a lifelong burden. A in Orlando, FL severe electrical injury attorney will make every effort to forge an aggressive approach that fairly compensates the victims involved.